Devon Scaffolding Ltd


The following are to act as a general guide and are not exhaustive; they have been created to address some of the more common issues.




Where a quotation is provided without a site visit by ourselves, we rely totally on the information and sizes provided by you, whilst we accept they may not be exact on every occasion and we will normally just work around this, should they prove to be significantly different this may change the price quoted.


All quotations provided are exclusive of VAT which will be added to the final price.


Until a confirmed booking has been made and accepted we make no guarantee that we will have availability on the date required by you. We do strive to fit in every job on the date required, but for your benefit we have no desire to take an order we know we cannot fulfil. We therefore would respectfully request that you give us enough notice as possible if you wish to proceed with a quotation.




We appreciate that when you make a booking that it is your intention to go through with it and that on the odd occasion things can change, we therefore do not charge you for cancelling a confirmed booking, provided we have not commenced or completed the work.


Time and manner of delivery


We will make all reasonable efforts to provide such services to our clients as are set out in the quotation and on the date requested by the client. We cannot and do not accept any liability for any loss or damage suffered by our clients as a result of our service being delayed or postponed for any reason.


Our vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained to a high standard and we carry RAC breakdown cover, however in the event of a breakdown that will delay us getting to a job we will contact you to as soon as is practically possible. Whilst every effort will be made to secure alternative transport, it may be that in such a circumstance the job will need to be re-booked.


We take every precaution to scaffold safely and nothing is left to chance, therefore during very severe weather it may not be possible to scaffold safely or drive to the site, in such a case we will not commence/continue scaffolding and will advise you as soon as is reasonably possible.


Before commencing works at the site, our lead scaffolder will undertake a safety assessment to ensure it is safe to scaffold, if anything is of concern he will contact you to discuss, we will not start/continue to scaffold until it is safe to do so.




Our scaffolders all have relevant scaffolding qualifications (with the exceptions of any labourers we may use) and are all employed by Devon Scaffolding Limited, we do however have a close relationship with another local scaffolding firm and may on occasion use their services when required.


Use of Scaffolding


Our scaffolding is erected for the purpose as requested by you, it must not be used for any other purpose.


Changes and modifications to scaffold once erected


Absolutely and under no circumstances whatsoever may your operatives alter, adapt, dismantle or modify the scaffolding or remove scaffold planks/boards, any alteration undertaken to the scaffold must only be done by Devon Scaffolding Limited and a charge may be incurred if this is not agreed at quote stage.


Removal of Scaffolding


We rely on you to tell us when the scaffolding is ready to be removed and would ask that you let us know as soon as is possible, we will endeavour to remove this as our earliest opportunity




Payment is due once the scaffolding has been successfully erected and we will send an invoice to you by email requesting payment in full.


We work closely with our clients and ask that if you have any questions or queries that you contact us,